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Welcome to Attean

Nestled in the Majestic Moose River Valley just 12 miles from the Canadian Border lies the picturesque village of Jackman, the town and surrounding area is well known as a haven for vacationers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Located on Rt#201, the highway is a direct route to Quebec City 110 miles away and recognized as a natural scenic byway, now known as the Old Canada Road.

 Three miles west of Jackman lies Attean Lake  which is recognized by the State of Maine for its' many fine sand beaches and natural scenic resources. The lake is undeveloped and unspoiled, a haven for canoeist and kayakers who spend many hours exploring its' 42 islands and many miles of shore line. The lake is home to countless varieties of birds and wildlife; moose and deer can be spotted feeding on its' shores, loons paddle along the water's surface while Eagles soar overhead.

In the middle of this mountain lake lies Birch Island, the largest island on the lake and home to Attean Lake Lodge. The lodge was founded in the late 1800's and today is still owned and operated by the same family heirs. From its' inception the philosophy of the Lodge has been to provide its' guests with impeccable service and care, enjoying fine food, a relaxing atmosphere and comfortable living accommodations.

Many of our returning patrons are fourth and fifth generation heirs themselves and we have no greater pleasure welcoming them back year after year as we also establish new friendships. Attean is the ultimate vacation spot for families or couples who just want to be together and enjoy life as it was meant to be.

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