Attean Guest Highlights

Attean Guest for 62 Years

Meet Harlan and Gretchen Buzby – one of our longest running guests to the island. Harlan first came to Attean in 1956 on a fishing trip with his parents. He came back that summer to work as a dishwasher and has been coming for 62 years running – missing only one summer in 1961 as he was attending summer school! He worked as a dishwasher until he became the pastry chef in 1965. Gretchen also worked at Attean - starting as a housekeeper in 1962 and then worked as a waitress and the days off position in the following years. They love the unique experience they find at Attean and are so drawn to it from all the memories they have made over the years and the ones they continues to make each year.

Harlan spent his career as a Dentist in NJ, Gretchen was a school teacher and now that they are both retired, they spend their summers here at Attean, helping out here and there when we need them. Harlan tends to our beautiful gardens and Gretchen will help out with food preparation. Every other year their whole family – children and grandchildren, will come and join them here for a week in July. Here is a photo from their recent family reunion visit to us in July 2018. 


Deep in the Maine Wilderness, Global Technology Finds Inspiration

Written by Jim Cavan, CEO and President of Backpack Health

Backpack Health is all about connection. Our health management platform connects people to their own health information, as well as resources and information that can help them better navigate their health journeys, and allows them to connect with medical professionals, researchers, and rare disease communities that can provide the support they require. But while our team is always focused on brining people together, we are rarely ever in the same room. That’s why our weeklong retreat at Attean Lake Lodge was such an important event for a global healthcare tech company.   

Nestled in the Maine’s picturesque and serene wilderness, the Attean Lake Lodge provided our team with the ideal opportunity to take a break from our usual, jam packed schedules and reconnect with each other, and ourselves.

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