Hiking info

A family tradition on Sally Mountain

The Siy family has been joining us since 2011, and when they first arrived at the dock, Karl (our dock manager), made a bet that when he saw them at the end of the week they would have reserved again for the following year. Karl won that bet and the family has enjoyed a tradition of spending some quality time here every July since. Every year one of their many adventures always includes a hike up Sally mountain. The trail begins at the beach head across the lake from the lodge. It's a healthy 2 mile or so hike to the top. A look out spot just before the summit allows a beautiful view of Birch Island - the home to Attean lodge and the cabins. This special look out spot has been a place where they take an annual family selfie photo - and is almost always included on their holiday card!

There are a couple hiking options. You can return down the way you came up, or you can make it a bit longer by taking the ridge trail down to arrive at Salmon Point beach (located down within the narrows area of the lake). It's about 4 miles all total and we can bring your boat from the initial trial head beach over to Salmon Point beach (you just need to make sure we know about your plans!). Along the hike you'll see all different kinds of forest, blueberries if in season and usually plenty signs of moose.

The Siy family over the years at the lookout point: